Technology Consulting


Technology Consulting

The trial technology consultant helps the attorney with ways to make the presentation of evidence more persuasive through creative and strategic uses of technology - thereby bridging the gap between the attorney's concept and the technology, while minimizing the extra time this may require.

The second important role of the trial technology consultant is to coordinate the evidentiary elements of a case. This is done by organizing the data to be used at trial into a database. A typical databse includes exhibits, deposition transcripts, videotaped depositions, deposition excerpts, and graphics.

Another role of the trial technology consultant is specifying, acquiring, and coordinating the equipment and installation for the courtroom and war room. On longer or more complicated cases, the trial technology consultant assumes a managerial role and coordinates personnel.

  • Trial Presentation
  • War Room Support
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Coordination
  • Courtroom AV Setup
  • Tech Support