Trial Presentation

A Modern Audience

Advances in the internet and technology have changed the way that lawyers present their cases. Jurors are used to receiving information through web sites, commercials and graphics on television. This "Internet generation" is now old enough to be impaneled.

Trial attorneys are faced with a new audience who are familiar with sophisticated and savvy messages. Knowing this TrialTek Consulting can put together a communication strategy to clarify your clients' messages, using sophisticated presentation tools that are familiar and comfortable to jurors.

Litigators should think about using the visual presentation strategy via a multitude of choices to support their case themes. After hearing the legal strategy a TrialTek Litigation Consultant might develop a multi-tiered approach using multiple presentation tools to explain one issue. In addition, the team might prepare an interactive timeline for reference, and static and motion graphic to highlight the salient points so that the attorney can illuminate his or her argument in the best light.

Since attorneys can use multiple communication tools to help him or her tell a story trial presentation strategy has changed. Sophisticated demonstratives have become part of the story-telling process. We bring to your team litigation consultants and communication strategists who can tell stories with interesting and informative graphics.

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